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Let's make the 2022/23 school year a positive one!!

You may ask yourself what you can do to prepare for the upcoming school year. My advice would be to review your child's IEP to make sure that you really understand what services your child will be receiving and the strategies that will be used to support all of your child's challenges to allow him/her to meet their annual goals.Yes, and speaking of goals, are the goals appropriate, are they measurable and do they address the INDIVIDUAL needs of YOUR child. I realize that IEP meetings can be very overwhelming so taking some time this summer to read over the IEP on your own time might be a good strategy. Highlight things that you don't understand, write down questions if you have any, then at the beginning of the school year request an IEP meeting to have your questions and concerns addressed. If you would like a second set of eyes to read over the documents there are support groups and advocates who have extensive knowledge in the area of special education who would be able to assist you. After all your child's IEP is the best tool for academic success. So parents, you all have some homework over the summer: Understand Your Child's IEP!!

Best of luck for a year filled with social/emotional well being and academic success!!

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