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How Can A Better Chance Advocacy Help

Services and Prices

Initial Consultation

A 30-45 minute call to listen to your concerns. This will allow me to get to know you and your child. From this meeting I will be able to determine how to best move forward to advocate with you for your child. We can discuss together how I may be able to partner with you in order to navigate the process together.

No Charge

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 File Review and Discussion of Findings

This service will allow you to have a better understanding of all of the information that is included in reports that are used to create a meaningful IEP for your child. I will read all of the reports provided to you. Then I will discuss the reports with you so that you understand the information provided.

  • Review documents 

  • Review finding via telephone or virtual meeting

  • In-person meeting to review findings

All services are billed at a rate of $125/hr

Mileage will be charged for in-person meeting more than 15 miles from Tustin

(60 cents  per mile)

IEP Attendance

I will attend your child's IEP with you. I will be an extra set of eyes and ears during the IEP meeting. Also included is a debriefing session at the end of the meeting to determine next steps.

All services are billed at a rate of $125/hr

Mileage will be charged for any meeting further than 15 mile from Tustin at .60 per mile

Management Meeting special Education Advocate
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Ongoing Consultation

This includes:

  • Ongoing reviews of reports

  • Monitoring of IEP and progress reports

  • Draft written correspondence to the school or district

  • Observation of your child or school programs

    All services are billed at a rate of $125/hr

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